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Mining.Statement of Competency.Mount Pleasant SOC
  • Name on SOC to match the name of the person registered
  • Pegasus MACH Energy Statement of Competency Template
  • All fields to be complete
  • Managers signature to be present (cannot be the contractor)
  • Q11 only required to be answered on the SOC form when applicant is tradesperson
  • Issue Date = no issue date to be recorded
  • Expiry Date = no expiry date to be recorded

Please download from the portal upload requirement

Mining.Statement of Competency.Thiess SOC
  • Name on SOC to match the name of the person registered
  • Evidence must be supplied on the contracting Company’s letterhead and include the Company Trading Name.
  • Must state the name of the employee
  • The employee’s occupation
  • A list of qualifications and tasks to be completed during time onsite
  • Period of employment with the current company
  • Experience in years/months in trade
  • Experience in years/months in the mining industry
  • Details of experience in tasks to be performed onsite
  • Details of training that has been provided by the employer with regard to work procedures, risk management, hazard management, the company's WHS safety management system and employee obligations
  • A list of equipment where maintenance experience exists for applicant
  • List any Fitness for Work assessments for applicant
  • Level of Supervision required for applicant
  • Will Hot Work be performed by applicant? If yes, supply MDG25 Awareness Training qualification - 3 year expiry from time of issue.
  • Must be dated within the last 3 months
  • Signature to be present – approved by an authorised representative, with the position and contractual right to make such approval.

  • Issue Date = date on the letter (must be dated within 3 months at the time of submission
  • Expiry Date = no expiry date to be recorded

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