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Cleaner Pressure.Statement of Attainment.MSAPMWJ301A - Operate a high-pressure water jetting system

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OH&S-WHS.Statement of Attainment.TLIF0005 Apply fatigue management strategies
OH&S-WHS.Statement of Attainment.TLIF1007C Apply fatigue management strategiess
OH&S-WHS.Statement of Attainment.TLIF2010 - Apply fatigue management strategies
OH&S-WHS.Statement of Attainment.TLIF2010A Apply fatigue management strategies
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OH&S-WHS.Diploma.Advanced Diploma Work Health & Safety BSB60615

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Safety.Advanced Diploma.BSB60607 Occupational Health & Safety

Safety.Diploma.Occupation Health & Safety BSB51307

Safety.Diploma.Work Health & Safety BSB51604

Safety.Diploma.Work Health and Safety BSB51315

CompetencyCompetency RequirementsUpload RequirementsExamples

Safety.Course.Industrial Radiation Safety

  • Applicants name to be shown on documentation
  • Applicants name must match (However shortened versions such as 'Chris' for Christopher can be accepted)
  • Company name and company logo to be displayed on document
  • Completion date or issue date must be displayed
  • Training can be completed by a non-RTO e.g. ANSTO
  • Course code to be listed on certificate to match the nominated coding and title within Onsite
  • Name and / or signature of issuer will be shown
  • Document / Certificate / Number will be shown

  • Record the Issue date within Onsite:

Completion date - if listed on certificate (this completion date is always used when displayed)

Issue date - If only an issue date is listed please enter this as the issue date

·         Expiry Date is not required to be entered

Safety.Course.Ecolab - Hazard Communication
  • Applicant's name should be displayed on the evidence and should match the registered name on the system (However shortened versions of names such as 'Chris' for 'Christopher' is accepted)
  • The uploaded evidence will be an Ecolab issued certificate
  • The certificate must show completion of Hazard Communication course
  • Must be current
  • Issue Date = Date of completion
  • Expiry Date = Input expiry as 3 years from date of completion

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