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Company Pre-Qualification is required by Pegasus clients who want to ensure the qualifications and compliance of a contracting company before they start work on site.

The registration process involves providing details about your business and its work, and providing documents to prove compliance to set questions - all defined by the organisation you are providing services to.

An Interactive Elearning course can be run by clicking the image to the left.
It will step you through the portal process as well as linking to some Safety Management System do's and don'ts.

If you prefer to rean, click below for the detailed user guide:
Company Pre-Qualification and Renewal User Guide - PDF Format

Please note that not all elements in this user guide will be relevant to all client processes, including the Safety Management System Review. 

Video Guides of the features of the company Prequalification Portal

Video Guide of Company Pre-Qualification Portal in Action

The Company Pre-Qualification Portal now shows users that have requested access. The account access requests, that might come from someone inside your business or attempting to register against your business number, will now be visible. Administrators can approve or deny these requests.

Video Guide of the Suspension Feature added 19th February 2020.

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