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Medical.Assessment.Medical (NZ)

Applicants name should be displayed on the evidence and should match the applicant name that's registered in Pegasus (However shortened versions of names such as 'Chris' for 'Christopher' is accepted).

The uploaded evidence will be a pre-placement medical

Medical will display doctor or nurses signature

Colour copy OR black and white copy is acceptable

Must be current

Scanned document to be clearly legible

Documentation which has been found to be subject to alterations will not be accepted.

Issue Date: Date of medical completion

Expiry Date: UNSURE

Medical.Assessment.Medical (Aus)

Person Verification

·         Applicant name on Medical Must match Cardholder name in the system

(No shortened versions of the name will be accepted)

·         Date of Birth (DOB) for applicant must be shown on the medical (any page)


Types of Acceptable Medicals:

·         Pre-Employment Medical

Verification of Results

·         There must be an Overall ‘Impression’, ‘Assessment’ or ‘Determination’ page included within the uploaded file which indicates the applicant is: Fit for duty / Suitable to carry our duties of proposed employment without restrictions

NOTE: Medical recommendations which may be included in this result are not necessarily restrictions

If there are restrictions on this page: Pegasus staff will escalate for client review unless it is only restricted for one of the following reasons where escalation is not required:

      • Requires prescription safety glasses
      • Hearing loss / hearing aids

·         Drug and alcohol results must be displayed - Minimum of ‘0’ or ‘negative’ recorded for alcohol testing result and ‘negative’ for drug result

·         Medical must have been conducted within the past 6 months

Verification Details

·         Must be completed by Medical practitioner / provider

·         Issue Date = Date of examination / date medical assessment was conducted

Calculating the Expiry Date

Ø  If the medical file specifies a review / expiry date which has been nominated by the medical practitioner, this will be recorded as the expiry date in the system

Ø  If the medical file does not specify a review / expiry date, Pegasus staff will calculate the expiry as follows:

Enter the expiry as the date which is set to occur 3 years from issue date

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