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Whether you are just starting your Pegasus Journey by registering your company and starting to upload documentation in one of our Company Pre-Qualification portals, you need to register your workforce in one of our client worker portals for the first time, or you are familiar with our systems but want to know more, the ConcoWeb webinar will introduce the Contractor area of the Onsite Track Easy software.

This powerful tool will allow you a birds eye view of your workforce and the status of your workers no matter where they are working within Pegasus sites and realms.

Contractor "ConcoWeb" Webinar 5th August 2020

This webinar video is a detailed look at the Onsite Track Easy - ConcoWeb.
This is the personalized portal each Contracting Company is granted with their Onsite Track Easy login.
If you are wanting to know how to:

  • View all of your worker roles and competencies in one place
  • Check Access to site in the one place
  • Run live reports on where your workers are at sites
  • Run expiring competency reports in advance to prepare your workers for the future.

This is the video for you!

NOTE: This example video is using a Full Onsite Contractor License. If you want to know more about that, see this link

Onsite Track Easy Concoweb Overview

Not as detailed as the above video but certainly shorter!
Covers Viewing User Permissions, Searching and viewing Employees, their Roles and Competencies, Checking company Compliance and Running Reports as well.

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