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Contained here are some instructions on how to perform various functions in Onsite Track Easy, under the Company Menu.

User Guide - Checking Contractor Company Certificates.pdf

 Manage Site Company Relationships
1Login to with your allocated credentials
2Click on COMPANY
4Here you can search sites that your company is associated with and add details for your own records. This is so that if other users in this concoweb need access to that information, it is easily accessible.
5Clicking on the SEARCH button will give you the list of sites your company is associated with. 
6You can now click on one of those sites that you wish to review or record information about.
7In this next screen you will see your company in between two ADD buttons.

Essentially you can click the appropriate ADD button and then search for any Onsite Track Easy company that you might deal with (e.g subcontract to or subcontract to your company). This will then add that company to the “Works For Your Co” or “Your Co Works For” sections.

Multiple companies can be searched for and selected in either section.

This will only show results for companies that are registered in Onsite Track Easy.

9To the right of your listed company, there is an icon that is the EDIT HISTORY for this page. It will show you any changes that have been made by any user.
 Manage Company Subscription Contact
1Login to with your allocated credentials
2Click on SETUP


This will display your current Onsite Contractor Subscription status.

The subscription contacts is the primary contact to receive emails from Onsite Track Easy regarding expiring competencies, or other communications.

5In the CONTACT DETAILS section, it will display the current contact for your company, which is tied to the email address and account that Onsite Track Easy will send any reminders or alerts to.
6If the listed contact is no longer valid, click on the CHANGE button (account must have the user right – Can Edit Onsite Contractor Settings)
7This will then list all the people that can be the subscription contact. As well as all the users and employees listed in this company.

If possible, select a person from the listed DATA MANAGER USERS list. To the right of the listed names is a SELECT button. Once pressed, this will change the contact details and then display the Subscription Contact details page once again.

It is best to select a person that already has a USER account otherwise choosing a listed NON-USER will create a user account, It will also give them full rights to the Onsite Contractor Site.

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