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Access Control

Access Control is what Pegasus calls our hardware and its ability to manage access to sites.
Our Access Control devices in use at our Clients sites are:

  • Logpoints
  • Kiosks
  • Tablets
  • Wall Mounted Logpoints
  • Boom Gates
  • Turnstiles

All these devices are used to log Employees, Contractors and Visitors into and out of a Clients site. This page contains user guides and videos supporting this equipment.

The Logpoint Devices
Also called a Kiosk or Desktop Kiosk by most of our Clients, this below video shows you how to login and some of the screens you will encounter.
While this is created for one of our Clients, the same login steps and processes will be used at most of our other Client sites.

Logpoint Version 8 Contractor Login Process

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Note: This Document is not version controlled when printed.

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