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The Client Portal is a User Interface replacement of ONSITE TRACK EASY.
The benefits of the Pegasus Client Portal are:-

  • Make processes more efficient (e.g. bulk add, bulk remove).
  • Traffic Light Colour system for Roles, Competencies, Training, Access Keys, Crews
  • Display photos to easily manage workers
  • Easily navigate between cardholder data
  • Display the Business Intelligence reporting tool in its own window
  • Integrate the Learning Management System
  • Access the Company Pre-Qualification portal
  • Opportunities to integrate micro-services

We also have a Video of the Client Portal in action with Steps to configure it.

This video guide will take you through the current interface and features of the 1.14 Version of the Portal.

We have a User Guide Manual should you wish to review more about the Pegasus Client Portal and its features.

Video of the Company Compliance Status feature
Video shows the Company Compliance status in the Client Portal

Video guide to managing competencies in the Client Portal.

This video guide shows each step of a competency and the requirements needed for each one to eventually pass that competency from In Progress to Competent

Managing Training Attendees in Classroom Events

Video covering the steps on removing a classroom attendee and enrolling them into a differnet course or course date.

Video Guide on changing a workers default company

Steps to modify the default company for a worker

Video Guide on reviewing and Inviting a worker to the Workforce by Avetta Mobile App.Review the status of  workers or invite them

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