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Consultation, Cooperation & Coordination

Consultation requires that:

  • Relevant WHS information is shared with workers;
  • Workers are given a reasonable opportunity to express their views and to raise health or safety issues;
  • Workers are given a reasonable opportunity to contribute to the decision-making process relating to the health and safety matter;
  • The views of workers are taken in account, and
  • Workers are advised of the outcome of any consultation in a timely manner.

 The objective of consultation is to make sure everyone associated with the work has a shared understanding of what the risks are, which workers are affected and how the risks will be controlled.

  Provide evidence that the organisation has a process to consult with workers and affected stakeholders on WHS matters, example documentation includes (but not limited to):

  • Toolbox talks,
  • Pre start meetings,
  • Safety committee or similar

A documented consultation arrangements developed in accordance with AS/NZS 4801:2001 which states employees should:

  • Be involved in the development, implementation and review of policies and procedures for hazard identification, hazard/risk assessment and control of hazards / risks;
  • Be consulted where there are any changes that affect workplace OHS;
  • Select those who will represent them on OHS matters; and
  • Be informed as to who is / are their employee OHS representative(s) and specified management representative.

There should be documented procedures, agreed to by employees, for employee involvement and consultation in OHS issues.

Information regarding the arrangements should be made available to interested parties.

Those representing the employees and employer should receive appropriate training to undertake effectively their involvement in the development, implementation and review of OHS arrangements.

Acceptable forms of documented consultation include completed toolbox talks, WHS meetings or equivalent.

Assessment Category

Assessment Detail

Fully Compliant

Consultation process that meets the requirements stated above. Accompanied with completed toolbox talk, WHS meeting minutes, completed pre start talks or equivalent.

Adequately Compliant

Not completed (template) toolbox talk, WHS meeting, pre start talk or equivalent.

Partially Compliant

Something pertaining to consultation that may meet some of the requirements stated above.

Not Compliant

No evidence sighted of consultation process or any toolbox talks, WHS meetings, pre start talks or equivalent.

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