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greenID is an identity verification system which collects details about a cardholder's identity and matches them against authoritative sources of identity data.

From Monday, 2 December, this online ID function replaced the Rail Safety Worker (RSW) Australia Post ID Check requirements for Pegasus.

The process uses the cardholder's government issued documents and authenticates them to check ID, much the same as applying for an RTA Bond or
opening a MyGov account.

Uses identification that most people should have :Drivers Licence, Medicare Card ID, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Australian Passport, Immi Card
Centrelink Card, Australian Visa, Australian Citizenship Certificate, Change Of Name Certificate.
The online ID check is part of the process to add new cardholders to the RSW system.
Approved RSW cardholders are not impacted by this update.

Support Documents:
Green ID - For Contractors V2.pdf - Document User Guide

Video of greenID in Action