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The Worker Portal (also called the Roles Portal or Contractors Portal) is where you manage workers, their roles and competencies for particular Pegasus clients.
Available Worker Portals are found in Pegasus Gateway with their own tiles (e.g. BHP, Yancoal, Lendlease). Simply add the corresponding tile and link it to your Pegasus login for easy access.
The portal is designed for a simple, intuitive and streamlined interface, with alerts, colour-coded status of workers, roles and competencies, and corresponding icons for reference.

Roles Portal - Worker Full User Guide v1.5.pdf - Updated 6th April 2021

This Guides Details Worker Registration, Adding Sites, Adding Roles, Upload Proof or Do Training,  Pending Enrolments Until Documents Approved, Shopping Cart Payments, Pending Actions and Renewing Expiring Documents.

Below is a video guide to using the portal, some of the more common steps you will see, and actions to take if required.
Note: as of 20th December 2020, some Portals require you to add a site first, before you can add any Roles. Once you add the Site your employees will work at, they might then be automatically assigned Roles.

Client & Contractor Worker Portal Video Guide

Additional Video - Adding a New Worker

This video details the steps required for Adding a New Worker (your employee) in the Worker Roles Portal.

Additional Video - Renewing a Subscription

This video details the steps to renew a subscription in the various Worker Roles Portals.

Additional Video - Actioning Returned items

Been notified of an items that needs attention? You can action those using these steps.

Additional Video- for portals with Pending Enrolments until Document Verified Enabled

This video details the additional steps required for Worker Portal applications that do not send out training links until all documents are approved first.

Additional Video - Renewing Worker Portal Documents

This shows the steps to renew expired/expiring documents in the Worker Portals.

Additional Video - Worker Portal Reports Module

This shows the added reports module to some Worker Portals. Currently enabled in TransGrid and Visy

Additional Video - For portals that implement the Book Training after Checkout feature

This video will take you through this feature and how as an administrator, you can manage worker bookings for classroom events, the screens it will prompt and how you can view other training bookings that have been made.

Additional Video - Managing Trianing Prerequisites

Video guide to undestanding the steps and process flow of trianing prerequisites in Worker Roles portals that have this option enabled.

Ending Employment

If you wish to end the association of a worker to your business, simply login to the portal, click Manage Employees > select the Employee > and click End Employment at the bottom of their profile:

New Feature - Company Relationships 17th March 2020


The Company Relationships Feature is designed for our Contractor Companies to help map out relationships they have at sites with the Client and their own Sub-contractors.
Contractor Companies will be able to make the relationship connections in the Roles Portal, so that they can track the hierarchy of these relationships when viewing a company.

The table below indicates which portals are currently available. To learn more about Pegasus Gateway, access this page.


Client Name

V3 Portal

V2 Portal

Has Individual

Worker Portal

Pre-Qualification Portal


Aeris Resources



No Current Portal Exists



Bloomfield Group

Bounty Cook Colliery/QCoal Group

Bouygues Construction Australia

Campbells Arnotts

City FM
Community Select
Cross Yarra Project


David Jones
Disability Skills Passport

ESI Worker
Fitzroy Australia Resources
Fletcher Construction
Glencore - McArthur River Mine
GMW Water
Great River City Light Rail
(Paramatta Light Rail)
Hilton Foods Australia
Idemetsu Contractor Management  
Illawarra Contractors
Jemena (ZinfraJamena)
Lendlease Building

Lendlease Services

Mach Energy

McConnell Dowell
Middlemount Coal

Onsite Track Easy
Paramatta Light Rail
Patrick Terminals
Peabody Energy
Pegasus Demonstration V3
Port Kemblah Coal Terminal
Port Waratah Coal Services

Rail Safety Worker (Sydney Metro)
Schindler Lifts
Sydney Water
Thiess Pty Ltd