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titleDrug and Alcohol
titleDrug and Alcohol - ARTC

ARTC Drug and Alcohol Competency:


Medical.Assessment.Drug and Alcohol Screen

This business rule was last updated on 1716.0805.20182019

Person Verification

  • Name on Medical paperwork must match Cardholder name in Onsite  (Shortened version of name is accepted EG. Chris for Christopher)
  • Date of Birth (DOB)** for applicant must be show on any page of medical paperwork

  • Black and white or colour is accepted

What Types of Screening Can We Accept?

    • If the drug and alcohol result has been recorded as negative within a Rail Medical that has been complete by an AHP, this can be accepted
    • If the drug and alcohol result has been recorded on drug and alcohol testing form (not issued by pathology), It needs to indicate that the testing occurred at the same practice address where at least one registered authorised health provider is based.
    • If the drug and alcohol result has been recorded on a printed report generated by a pathology this can be accepted (Does not need to have been complete by an AHP)
    • The Drug Detection Agency (TDDA) testing provider is acceptable.

Verification of Results

  • Results must be negative to both Drugs and Alcohol Testing (Both Drugs and Alcohol need to be listed) - it cannot be assumed alcohol testing was included in drug testing.
  • Either full testing (with individual drugs and alcohol all individually listed E.G Amphetamines, Opiates etc all listed as separate line items) listed on a drug screen testing record page OR a simple indication that 'Drugs' and 'Alcohol' were both tested for and were both Negative is accepted.
  • When TFNSW medical fitness for duty page is uploaded and there is a 'negative' result showing for 'Alcohol breath / urine drug test results were.' but there is also an indication of 'Not Indicated' in the 'Drug and Alcohol assessment completed' section, this second sentence can be disregarded - The negative result is the main/ required information.

NOTE: If drug and alcohol test results are not done by a Pathology, Authorised medical provider or AHP, the provider must be a NATA Accredited.

Accepted Results for Drug ScreenAccepted Results for Alcohol Screen
  • 'Not detected' is also accepted as 'Negative'
  • Alcohol testing could be recorded as
  • either 'negative', '0.00', '0' or <2.0mmol/L
  • (with note that alcohol <2.0mmol/L indicates
  • ethanol is not detected in sample
  • If 'Ethanol' is displayed instead of alcohol this
  • is accepted


Positive Results

  • If positive result for drug testing is displayed, there must be an indication by the testing health provider that the detected sample and sample amount is consistent with prescribed modification for this to be accepted.



  • Date of completion to be recorded as issue date in Onsite
  • Expires at the same time as the medical competency (Use expiration date from Verified Medical competency file)

Please note:

  • In some cases the document upload for this competency will be a medical fitness for duty page that is more recent than the Verified Medical competency file upload. In this instance, the expiry date for this competency should be calculated as if you were approving this medical page against one of the medical competencies in Onsite Track Easy and not copied from the existing verified medical competency file.

  •  If / When the drug and alcohol tests have been complete on separate dates, use the earliest date of completion as the issue date for the competency

  • If there’s no verified medical in file of applicant’s profile, please enter 5 year expiry date in Onsite from the performed date of the uploaded document.