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Find below instructions on how to perform various functions in Onsite Track Easy, under the Person > User Menu.

Users are those with Onsite Track Easy access who can run reports, review worker's competencies, edit personal information, or end employment.

titleUser Access Levels Explained

Subscription Contact - The account that is listed as both the Company contact in Onsite Track Easy and the account that
will receive all email notifications of Expiring Competencies, Subscriptions and any other notifications form Pegasus for the Company.

Editor - Can edit Worker details (phone, emails, addresses) in Portals and in the ConcoWeb.

Viewer - Can only view data in Worker Portals and in the ConcoWeb

Employee Personal Data Only - Worker account so they can view just their own competencies, roles and personal data in the Concoweb.
Also use the same access to the Individual Worker Portal.

titleCreate a New User

1Login to with your allocated credentials
2Click on PERSON
3Click on USERS

Click SEARCH without entering anything in the find field. 

This will then display your current list of users with access to your Onsite Conco Web Page.

This will also list the current subscription contact.

The subscription contacts is the primary contact to receive emails from Onsite Track Easy regarding expiring competencies, or other communications

5If the user you are looking for is NOT listed there, then click the ADD button
6The ADD button will then list all your current employees listed against your company

At this time we just wish to click on the ADD AS NEW, as we are wanting to create a NEW USER

Enter in the person’s details, ensuring that the minimal details required (marked with an Asterix ) are completed.

The defaults that are listed will grant that person access to Onsite Track Easy and be able to view employee data in the Conco Web.

This default is Viewer Access. If you wish to grant editor access, and any other rights, you will need to change their Onsite Contractor Access Level to Data Editor.

8Click SAVE
9This will then send an email to that new USER created, to their email address listed, with their account login details.

titleMake an Existing Employee a User

1Login to with your allocated credentials
2Click on PERSON
4Enter in some partial text for the existing Employee you are trying to find and then click SEARCH

Click on the Employee in this results page that you wish to choose to have a USER account.

This will then open a new page showing that person’s ID and details.

6If this is the correct Employee, on this page will be a button that says MAKE USER to the left of their photo section.
7Clicking on MAKE USER will take you to a new screen and ask you to confirm their email address. This is required to send their login details for their new USER account they will be given. This will allow access to Onsite Track Easy Conco Web.
8Click the APPLY button and a popup will inform you that a new password will now be generated for them and confirm that it will be sent to the email address displayed.

The screen will then take you to their User Rights page where you can edit their access permissions.

The default permissions are for VIEWER access. This will allow to Access the Conco Web page and view the basic menus and reports.

10Click SAVE.

titleReset a User Password

1Login to with your allocated credentials.
2Click on PERSON
3Click on USERS
4Enter in some partial text for the existing Employee you are trying to find and then click search; or click SEARCH to list all users.
5Click on the EMPLOYEE in this results page that you wish to choose to examine.
6This will now display the USERS details.
7Click on EDIT.


This will ask you to confirm that the email address that the reset password will be sent to for that user.


If the address is correct press OK.

The person will now receive an email with their USER ID and their New Onsite Track Easy Password.

titleChange Your Username or Password

The contracting company user must use the originally supplied Onsite Track Easy login details to login to  

Go to the menu for PERSON > MY USER ACCOUNT

Here you will find 2x buttons that will allow you to either change USERNAME or PASSWORD:

titleEnd Employment

User Guide - Ending Cardholder Worker Employment in V2 PortalConcoWeb.pdf

User Guide - Ending Worker Employment in V3 Worker Portal.pdf

Full user guide to Adding users, Managing Rights and Inactivating user permissions.

User Access & Rights.pdf