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titlePersonal Accident, Injury and Sickness
CertificationCertification RequirementsUpload RequirementsExamples

Insurance.Workers Compensation.Personal Accident, Injury & Sickness

  • Individuals name to match the name registered in the system
  • There is no minimum amount for Income Protection and the amount does not need to be recorded
  • Must be current
  • Must specify the state in which the certification has been uploaded for
  • Must specify Income Protection or Accident and Sickness
  • Issue Date = Start of coverage date listed on policy
  • Expiry Date = Coverage end date listed on policy (If the policy is paid on a monthly  basis the expiry will be set when the next payment is due)
  • Insurer = Insurer will be listed in policy content
  • Policy Number = as specified on the policy
  • Item = Income Protection or Accident and Sickness as specified on the policy
  • Amount Description = not required
  • Amount = not required
titlePublic Liability
CertificationCertification RequirementsUpload RequirementsExamples

Public Liability


If a policy is submitted and refers to the liability cover under another name (as mentioned in the table above, under “REQUIRES APPROVAL”), we will need to request from the company an excerpt of the policy which explains what the insurance policy covers where it is not called “public liability”.


If the document is not one of the “ACCEPTED” forms of Public Liability types, it must be referred to Woolworths for approval.


All accepted Public Liability policies must be a minimum of 20 million dollars Australian, or equivalent in US Dollars or Euro, for any one occurrence. All policies submitted with the insured amount in a foreign currency should be sent to Woolworths for review.

 NOTE: If a certificate of currency is submitted for less than 20 million please return in the first instance. If the company states that their contract requires less please escalate to Retail FM for approval. If approved please record name of approver and date in the conditions / comments field. Also upload a copy of the approval to the company general folder on the home page (look for the yellow folder icon on the company profile home screen).



Public Liability

General Liability

IT Liability

Public & Products Liability

Business Liability

Product Only

Broadform Liability

Legal Liability



Umbrella Liability


Fields to be completed in Onsite – Start date, end date, Insurer, Policy Number, Item with the description as well as amount, broken up as per certificate of currency and shown below.  


IMPORTANT – Company name and ABN must match the details registered in Onsite Track Easy. If they do not, please return to the company and ask them to upload a document (ABN registration) which links the two together.


Example of acceptable insurances:


Limit of Liability

  • Public Liability     $20,000,000
  • Public & Products Liability any 1 occurrence      $20,000,000
  • Broadform Liability            $20,000,000



Example of unacceptableinsurances:


  • ProductLiability -  $20,000,000
  • Public Liability Policies under $20,000,000
  • A Policy where the minimum insured amount is split amongst the different types of cover

E.g. Products Liability $10,000,000 and Public Liability $10,000,000 = $20,000,000.



titleWorkers Compensation

Click HERE to be redirected to the confluence page which is specific to all sites workers compensation certifications

titleSMS Certifications


CertificationCertification RequirementsUpload RequirementsExamples
SMS 4801.Safety Management.AS/NZS 4801
  • Business Name on Certification to match the organisation registered. If it doesn't match, government certified evidence must be provided to link the ABN or business names together. This is ideally a letter or download from ABR showing the linkage.
  • Must be certificated AS/NZS 4801 or OHSAS 18001
  • JAS-ANZ stamp to be present on 4801
  • OHSAS 18001 is International and therefore must be issued outside of Australia
  • Black and white or colour is acceptable
  • Issue and expiry date as per certification

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