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Competency NameCompetency RequirementsUpload RequirementsExamples
OH&S-WHS.Induction.Construction Induction Card
  • Name on evidence to match the person registered (Shortened version of name is accepted EG. Chris for Christopher)
  • If there is a Date of Birth (DOB) data field shown on the uploaded evidence Pegasus will verify the DOB that is listed matches the applicants registered DOB in Onsite
  • Accepted form/s of evidence: 
    • OHS Construction induction card issued by the relevant / matching state authority: To be issued by the relevant / matching state authority: Workcover/ Safework / Worksafe 
    • A confirmation letter or form that shows evidence of having ordered a replacement card issued by the relevant / matching state authority: Workcover/ Safework / Worksafe

NOTE: This form of evidence will have a number of nominated days on the document as to how long it will take to receive a card. The expiry date is based on the number of nominated days commencing from the issue date of the letter.

  • Only the front side of this card is required to be uploaded.
  • Black and white or colour copies accepted

  • Issue date to be recorded in Onsite as reflected on the card or letter

  • Expiry Date = Only required for replacement card order evidence. Input the expiry date thats been listed on the document. If no expiry is detailed on the document, input a 4 week expiry date

Site.Induction.Bouygues - Solar Farm

  • Applicant name must be displayed on evidence and must match what is registered in the system (However shortened versions of first names such as ‘Chris’ for ‘Christopher’ are accepted)
  • The required form of evidence which is to be uploaded is a copy of the Bouygues Site Induction record form
  • The uploaded evidence must show the project name on page 1 as ‘Suntop’
  • All five (5) pages of the induction evidence must be included within the uploaded file.
  • Page five (5) must show both inductee AND inductor signatures


  • Issue Date =  Record the date of induction completion
  • Expiry Date = 50 years from the issue date
Site.Induction.Global Safety Essentials - Bouygues Solar Farm