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Subcontractor Engagement

If subcontractors are engaged, supply evidence of how they are engaged to carry out the works, assessed for WHS compliance, competency and audited for WHS performance.


 Procedure for Engaging with Subcontractors

Procedure for engaging with sub-contractors

A documented procedure for the management of contractors developed in accordance with AS/NZS 4801:2001 section 4.3.1 and AS/NZS 4804:2001

Practical Guidance: Contractors

The organisation needs to ensure that procedures have been developed for the employment of contractors who undertake work at the organisation's premises or assets. The selection of contractors should be on the basis of their ability to complete the contracted work in a safe and competent manner and not solely on price.


To assist in the selection of contractors the following check list may be of assistance:

(i) Adequacy of contractor’s WHS policy.

(ii) Competency of contractor’s personnel.

(iii) Registrations and licences where necessary.

(iv) Compliance with all organisation's WHS policies and procedures including site inductions.

(v)Contractor’s work plans and procedures which ensure that work methods, materials and equipment conform to WHS regulations, standards and codes of practice.

(vi) Adequacy of resources both human and financial to meet the above requirements.

(vii)The adequacy of supervisory arrangements.


The above requirements should form part of the formal contract document.


It is therefore necessary for the organisation's procedures to provide for adequate checks of the operations to ensure contract requirements are adhered to. Examples include:

  1. Undertake workplace audits.
  2. Audit registrations, licences and certificates and their Safety Management System.
  3. Maintain control of site inductions, procedures and records.
  4. Verify supervisory control as adequate

Assessment Category

Assessment Detail

Fully Compliant

A documented Sub-Contractor management procedure / process that meets all of the requirements stated above.

Adequately Compliant

A documented Sub-Contractor management procedure / process that meets most of the requirements stated above.

Partially Compliant

Something pertaining to engaging with Sub-Contractors i.e engagement letter.

Not Compliant

No evidence sighted of Sub-Contractor management procedure / process.

 Contractor Management Procedure

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