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Rail.Licence.Rail Industry Worker Card
  • Name on Card to match the person registered
  • Rail Industry Worker card OR Rail Safety Worker Card (issued by Pegasus) can be accepted.
  • NCIG will also accept an Aurizon employee card in lieu of RIW card evidence
  • Pacific National employee cards are accepted for Pacific National Employees ONLY
  • G & W Employee ID Card is acceptable
  • Equivalent rail safety cards supplied by the following companies may also be accepted in lieu of Pegasus Rail Industry Worker Card:

  *   SSR

  *   Aurizon

  *   Pacific National

  *   G & W

  • Card must be issued by Pegasus
  • Card Expires 10 years from issue date on card
  • Must be in colour
  • Rail industry worker or Rail Safety Worker logo to be present
Expiry: 10 years from issue
Safety.Induction.RISI - Rail Industry Safety Induction
  • Applicants name to be displayed on the document
  • Applicant name on document must match the cardholders registered name (However shortened versions such as 'Chris' for 'Christopher' will be accepted
  • Statement of Attainment showing Track Safety Awareness / Safely Access the Rail Corridor (TLIF2080A, B or C) to be uploaded. We can also accept RISI/ NTSA /TSA/ Train Track Safety Awareness (Victoria) - Statement of Attainment (preferred) or Card (both sides scanned) Issued by a registered training organisation

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