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Generic.-.Apprentice / Trainee Papers

  • Applicants name should be displayed on the evidence and should match the applicant name that is registered in Pegasus (However shortened versions of names such as 'Chris' for 'Christopher' is accepted.
  • If there is a Date of Birth (DOB) data field shown on the uploaded evidence Pegasus will verify the DOB that is listed matches the applicants registered DOB in Pegasus.
  • The uploaded evidence will be a copy of the applicants completed and signed Traineeship / Apprenticeship Indenture Papers OR Traineeship / Apprenticeship Agreement
  • The evidence must indicate the apprenticeship is / was for the relevant trade which aligns to their role selection

Please Note: WA Energy Safety WA issue a training card 

  • Name should match applicant 
  • Company name to be listed 
  • The date of commencement / enrolment on the evidence should be recorded as the Issue Date in Pegasus
  • Expiry date is not required

  • Expiry date to be recorded as per card 

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