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High Risk Work.Licence.Lion - Competency Declaration




Generic.Statement of Competency.Qualified

Client to review / amend / approve downloadable SOC evidence template (attached to same email) for which the following verification rules would be applied:

The Lion statement of competency form can be downloaded by clicking HERE

  • Applicant name on Statement of Competency evidence to match the name of the registered applicant
  • Pegasus Lion Statement of Competency Template to be used
  • All fields to be complete however if the worker has been completing the activity for 5 years or more than the Previous Work History Section is not required to be filled in.
  • Direct Managers signature to be present (cannot be the contractor)

Note: Company Directors are the only individuals that can sign off their own Statement of Competency

  • The Issue date in Onsite should be recorded as the date of form sign off
  • Expiry date is not required

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