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Workforce by Pegasus – Mobile App User Guide 

The Workforce by Pegasus mobile app is designed to help workers access Pegasus Sites without needing to carry a physical card. 

Workers can: 

  • View their Pegasus profile from wherever they are in the world, 
  • Access all of their Pegasus eCards in one place, and never worry about losing or damaging their plastic cards, 
  • Inspect a card to see issue & expiry dates, 
  • Use Tap-to-Access Functionality and get On-site in seconds (for participating Workforces only). Tap-to-Access uses Bluetooth for near-field communication, and we DO NOT use location data. Pegasus is committed to protecting you on-site, and your data always. 

In this article, you’ll find helpful information so that you can get the most out of the Workforce by Pegasus mobile application. 

Tap To Access Video demonstrating how to login and use the feature below


Clicking the picture will take you to the video.


Getting Started

Before a worker will to be able to log in to to the Workforce mobile app, they must receive an email invitation from a Pegasus system administrator. This may be an administrator at your company, or it may be a Pegasus representative. Please phone Pegasus if you believe you should have received an invitation.

To get help logging into the Workforce mobile app, please contact Pegasus on:  

  • AU: 1300 13 11 94 
  • NZ: 0800 700 136 
  • UK: 0808 196 4773
  • International: +61 2 4047 0491 

Once the worker receives their invitation, they simply download the Workforce Mobile App from the Google Play Store or the Apple AppStore. They can tap the "Getting Started" button, and enter the email address that the invitation email was sent to:

Once the email address is entered a six digit code will be sent to the worker's email address and the worker must enter the 6 digit code. Once the code has been entered, the worker will be required to set a password and once set, they will arrive on the home screen, seen below:

Viewing Your Profile 

The main screen of the Workforce by Pegasus mobile app is the Worker’s Profile. Here, workers will be able to: 

  • View their profile image,
  • View their unique Worker ID,
  • Initiate the Tap-on and Tap-off process at a Site Access Point (for participating Sites only), 
  • View their QR Code (a Site Supervisor may wish to scan the worker's QR Code),
  • Scroll through the different Cards that are registered to the worker.  

Viewing a Card  

Tapping a card will provide more information about that worker’s relationship with the specified Workforce: 

  • Subscription Start Date: The date from which the worker has an active subscription,
  • Subscription End Date: The date that the workers’ subscription will expire,
  • Subscription Status and Days until Expiry,
  • Additional Information.  

Tapping on and Off 

Workers can initiate a Tap-to-Access Site sign-in experience by selecting ‘Tap on or off’. This feature is only supported at participating Sites. Tap-to-Access uses Bluetooth for near-field communication, and we DO NOT use location data from the worker's device. 

Bluetooth must be enabled and permission to use Bluetooth must be granted to the Workforce by Pegasus app, for the device to support Tap-to-Access.  

  • To enable Bluetooth, please visit your device’s Settings and turn Bluetooth on, 
  • The Workforce by Pegasus app will prompt the worker for permission to use the device’s Bluetooth function, if it has not been granted previously. The worker will need to enable this Bluetooth permission in order to use the Tap-to-Access functionality. 
  • Bluetooth is only in use when the worker is opens the Tap-to-Access screen.

Upon opening the Tap-to-Access screen, the screen will indicate it is searching for a reader. The worker simply needs to hold their device close to the reader on the Site Access Point.

Once the reader has detected the worker's device, the screen will update to inform the worker that the scan was successful.

Please note that the app will only indicate that the scan was successful, it will not indicate whether the Access Point permitted the worker to enter the location. The Access Point will check the worker's profile against the access requirements, and the worker will only be permitted to enter the location if they satisfy the access requirements.

QR Code 

Workers can present their QR code for inspection when required (e.g. when a Site supervisor asks to scan their card). The worker can also use their QR Code at a Site Access Point, where the Tap-to-Access functionality is not supported. If the kiosk has a QR Code scanner, the worker can hold the QR Code beneath the scanner. If the QR code is not being recognized by the scanning device, follow the troubleshooting steps below: 

  • Ensure the worker’s device’s screen is clean and undamaged, 
  • Raise the brightness levels.

More Information

For more information or help using the Workforce by Pegasus mobile app, please contact our friendly Pegasus Support team on:  

  • AU: 1300 13 11 94 
  • NZ: 0800 700 136 
  • UK: 0808 196 4773
  • International: +61 2 4047 0491 

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