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The Workforce by Avetta Mobile App is designed to help Workers access Avetta Sites without needing to carry a physical card, to view and manage their compliance documents, access training, check site access, or using the Tap to Access functionality, gain site access at boom gates, turnstiles, and another access points. 

Workers can: 
  • View their Avetta Workforce Management profile from wherever they are in the world, 
  • Access all of their Workforce Management eCards in one place, and never worry about losing or damaging their plastic cards, 
  • Inspect a card to see issue & expiry dates, 
  • Use Tap-to-Access Functionality and get On-site in seconds (for participating Workforces only). Tap-to-Access uses Bluetooth for near-field communication, and we DO NOT use location data. Avetta is committed to protecting you on-site, and your data always.
  • Take Online Training to fulfill compliance/competency requirements
  • Check Access to Sites once they're Work Ready

In this article, you’ll find information to help you get the most out of the Workforce by Avetta mobile application.

Want to get started? Here is our Quick Start Guide PDF for those that have already been invited to access the app!

Prefer to watch?

This video shows how to download and access the app from initial email registration.
Note that you must have been invited to the App in order to gain access.

Want to Invite someone to the Workforce by Avetta Mobile App?
This video covers how you can do this from the Supplier Portal Interface.

Want to do Online Training in the Workforce by Avetta Mobile App?
Learn how to check and then launch training courses inside the app.

Want to check site access live the Workforce by Avetta Mobile App?
Review you gate, kiosk or turnstile access before heading to site!

Prefer to Read Instructions? Follow those below.

Getting Started

Client, Supplier, and Avetta Admins can enable workers to be Mobile Access ready by inviting the Worker. Before this step can happen, the Supplier Admin must have added the Workers in the Workforce Management Supplier Portal and assigned them to the appropriate sites and roles.
In a future iteration, Client and Supplier Admins will be able to send the invitations themselves from their Portals. 

  • Inviting the Worker
    • For security and liability purposes, each Worker must be invited to use the Workforce Mobile App. They must have a verified profile, then invited by a unique email or SMS text message which will provide them with a link to download and permission to join the app.
    • Once the Admin sends the invitation to the Worker, the Worker will see instructions to download the App from the App Store or from Google Play for either iPhone or Android access.
    • Once Workers have downloaded the App, they’ll need to tap Get Started with by entering the email or mobile phone number they were invited by, and then enter the 6-digit code that is sent to the same email or mobile phone number to continue the authentication process.
    • After the Worker enters in the code, they’ll need to create a password.

Clients and Suppliers can invite a Worker to download and join the Workforce Mobile App through their respective portals. For a Worker to receive an invitation to download the app, the contact email or phone number needs to be unique to the Worker.

  • If they are unique, a green check will appear next to the phone number and email in the Worker’s profile after selecting “Manage Employee.” If they are not, a red X will show. To edit the employee’s personal details, click the Edit button in the top right corner of their profile.
  • In their profile, click Invite to Workforce Mobile App.
  • If the Worker’s phone number or email are unique and they have not been sent an invitation, you will see “Not Invited.”
  • Click the button, and then specify the invite method (i.e., email, SMS, or both) and click Send Invitation. The status on the button will then change to “Invited.”
  • Once the Worker has received the invitation, downloaded and joined the app, the message will change to “Joined.”

Worker Experience

  • Once the Worker sets their password, they will be able to log in and view their profile and Onsite ID.
  • Workers can now view their Profile, see their roles and competencies for various clients, review expiring/expired documents and their QR code if required for site access.

Tap On or Off

There are two methods of access: Tap On or Off or My QR Code.

  • My QR code is the primary means of access for most Clients, especially in the United States. 
  • Tapping on My QR Code will bring up a unique QR code for that Worker which can be scanned by the Client’s mobile App to bring up the Worker’s profile, their roles, their requirements.
    As well, they can be checked in and out of the site. 
  • Tap On or Off, used only in Australia, New Zealand, and at select sites, is a method of Worker access for Clients that have a Bluetooth reader at their site (small black box shown in the image above).
  • With Bluetooth readers, if the light goes green, the Worker is compliant and has access to the site. If the light is red, the Worker will not have access to the site and the gate will stay closed.
  • Note: For this functionality to work, the Bluetooth on the worker’s device needs to be activated under ‘Settings’.

Check My Access

  • If Workers have a profile picture and a valid subscription, they’ll be able to see their digital worker ID cards for all the clients they work for, as well as check their site access status.
    • After selecting the Client’s digital ID card, select Check My Access on the Card Details screen.
    • Select a company. If the Worker has only one company, it will default to that company.
    • Select a site from the dropdown.
    • After a site is selected, the Worker can see the locations within that site and their ability to access those locations. Tap the location chip for more information.

Keeping up To Date

Workers can view subscription status, Role and Work Ready site access, roles, and relevant requirements, and they can plan for expiring items.

Note: The profile picture and subscription are managed by the Supplier Administrator in the Supplier Portal. The Worker cannot initiate this process

Should there be any upcoming competency or requirement expirations, Workers will see an “Expiring Soon” alert when they tap in to view their roles. They can tap on each requirement for more details.

Take Training

If a role competency is expiring or not completed and can be fulfilled by an online training course, the Worker can complete the training through the App.

  • Select a role that is expiring or missing a valid record.
  • Select Launch Online Training. The training will open in landscape mode.
  • A course certificate is available in the App upon course completion.

Additional Videos 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Downloading the App
  • I don’t see the App in the App store. Why? 
    • If you don’t see the App in the Google Play or App (Apple) Store, this likely means the App was not yet enabled for your region. Your Supplier Admin can reach out to the Client to request regional enablement.
Signing In
  • Why do I need to sign in to use the App? 
    • Many mobile applications require users to sign in to access personalized features or to protect user data and privacy. By signing in, the App can verify your identity and ensure that your data is only accessible by you.
  • What information do I need to have handy to sign in? 
    • The Workforce Mobile App is an Invite only application. When you receive an invite to download and sign in, you will need to keep the following handy:
      • If the invite was sent to your personal/work email, keep this info. handy. 
      • If the invite was sent to you via SMS on your personal or work mobile number, keep this info. handy. 
      • Avetta validates the invite method with the above option to match and confirm the invitation method before it allows you to go through the next step of registration. 
  • How do I ensure my sign-in information is secure?
    • Choose a strong and unique password not used in your other accounts. You can also enable two-factor authentication, which requires a secondary verification method.
  • I never received a confirmation code. Why not?
    • If you didn’t receive a confirmation code, that may mean:
      • You already have an account with Avetta, in which case a code is not needed
      • You’re entering in a different mobile number/email than the one in the invite
      • You’re using the opposite registration method. That is, if the invite was sent via email, you MUST register with the email (not SMS), and vice versa.
  • Why am I being asked to grant permissions when signing into the App? 
    • To enable the Bluetooth for Tap to Access feature, FaceID recognition, and to store your password, the App may require your permission. Read the permissions before granting access. If you choose not to grant access, functionality in the App may not work as desired. 
General Questions
  • Can I use the same account on multiple devices?
    • Yes, the Workforce by Avetta Mobile App allows you to use the same account across multiple devices if you use the same sign-in method (email or mobile number, and password). 
  • How do I find the App version number? 
    • The App version number is found in the App menu or by clicking on the App's icon in the App store or Play Store. To get the App version from the menu, tap on the three horizontal lines also known as the hamburger menu and scroll towards the bottom on the menu screen.  Here you will find not only the App version but also the following that might be useful when troubleshooting any App issues 
    • App Version Number
    • Translation Version Number
    • Device Type iPhone15,3
  • Can I use the App offline? 
    • No. Currently the App does not support Offline mode. This will be released in a future iteration.  
  • What is the QR code use for?
    • The QR code is a personalized code that allows you to badge into site locations you’re given access to. The QR code cannot be scanned or read by any other third-party scanner. 
  • Is the QR code Safe and Secure?
    • The QR code is a very safe site access method and does not contain any personal information about the you. The QR code is only accessible when the user is logged in to the Workforce by Avetta Mobile App.
Forgot Password or Other Issues
  • What if I forget my password?
    • The App offers a “Forgot password” option that allows you to reset your password by providing your registered account's email address/Mobile Phone number. Upon entering these credentials, you will be sent a verification code to your email or phone number to reset your password. 
    • Supplier Admins can also force a password reset for you in the Supplier Portal.
  • What if I lose my phone? 
    • Re-install the App and register your email/mobile phone number on the new phone to gain access again. 
  • The App isn’t opening. What do I do?
    • First, check your internet connection. If you have a poor connection or no connection, the App may not be able to load. If the issue persists, try restarting your device or clearing the App cache.
  • The App is freezing or crashing. What do I do? 
    • Try closing the App and restarting it. If the issue persists, check for any updates needed for the App and for your device's operating system. If the problem persists, uninstall, and reinstall the app.
  • I am having trouble logging into the App. What do I do?
    • Check your internet connection and ensure you are using the correct login credentials. If you have forgotten your password, reset it using the “forgot password” option. If the issue persists, contact customer support for further assistance.
  • I am experiencing other issues with App. What do I do?
    • Check for any updates needed for the App and for your device's operating system. If the problem persists, contact customer support for further assistance. Provide as much detail as possible about the issue you are experiencing, including any error messages or steps you took before the issues occurred.
Training and Check My Access
  • Can I take Online Training on the Workforce By Avetta Mobile App?
    • Yes. With the latest update, the App allows you to complete required training and inductions directly in the App at your own pace and from anywhere. You can also track your training progress and competency status in real-time.
  • I cannot launch my required Training Course in the App? What do I do?
    • To take a course on your mobile device, the training must be present in Avetta’s learning management system (LMS). If you need help taking the course in the mobile App or it is not playing, contact your Client supervisor to confirm the source of the training or continue completing the course on the desktop.
  • Can I Download the training module on my mobile device?
    • No. The App does not allow downloading the module on your mobile device. This ensures we can track your progress in real-time and reflect that in your work status. 
  • Will I be able to view my Course completion certificate?
    • Yes. After you finish your module, you can access your course certification (if the Client has enabled that on their end) to view at any time you choose. It will be part of the role competency that you have recently completed. 
  • Can I download and Share my Certification?
    • No, but this will be available in a future iteration. You can, however, take a screenshot with your device and share it with your supervisor or store the information for future reference. 
  • What is Check My Access? 
    • This is a new functionality offered by Workforce By Avetta. It allows you to check whether you meet the site access requirements.
  • Do all my Clients offer this functionality?
    • No, the Check my Access functionality in the mobile App is enabled at the Client’s discretion. 
Supplier Admin Specific Questions
  • What roles will Workers see when they log into the App? 
    • Upon login into the App the worker will see all active Roles Applied to that Worker’s profile under applicable Clients. Inactive Roles will not be displayed.  Roles will be displayed as Work Ready (if all requirements are current and valid) or not Work Ready (if any requirement is expired, missing, or otherwise non-compliant). 
  • Will Workers see all their Client cards? 
    • Yes. Valid, Blocked, expiring soon, and expired subscriptions will be visible for the relevant Client 
  • Why do some of the Worker’s cards have Avetta branding? 
    • Card images reflect the Clients preferred physical card design. If the Client does not provide their branding logo image, the Avetta branding will show as a default. 
  • Does the App time out?  
    • The App will request Workers re-sign in with their created password after 28 days. The worker can then sign into the App by using the store password (via Face ID if enabled) or type in the relevant password to get access to the application. The application needs to be used at least once in 28 days to avoid a time out.
  • My Workers should have new cards with a Client, but they’re not seeing them. 
    • Workers should contact the Support Center in their region for assistance or log out and log back into the App. 
  • Are my Worker's QR Code the same on the other profiles that they have? 
    • Yes, Workers have one QR Code for all clients. 

  • Should Workers need help logging into the App or have other Support questions, who do they call?
    • Avetta Support at the following numbers:   
      • AU: 1300 441 433
      • NZ: 0800 700 136 
      • UK: +44 1628 450400
      • International: +61 2 4047 0491 
      • US and Canada: +1 844-929-3078

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