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The V2 Roles portal has the ability to manage Company Compliance, Manage a Worker, add a new Worker, Enroll in Training and Purchase Worker Subscriptions, among other tasks. This page will display some guides, while some are branded for particular clients, will still be the same core concepts for all V2 Portal users.

Access to a portal requires an Onsite Track Easy Username and Password with user level access. Contractor Company Administrators are able to create these for their staff that require access to these portals.

Adding Portal Access as a Company Administrator

  1. Log Into Onsite Track Easy -
  2. Click on "person", Users
  3. Click on "search" with no data in the search field to display all users currently with an account

    If there are results, click on a name to find out more information on their user rights.
  4. Click "add" to create a new user. If there are existing employees for your company, a list of them will appear for you to potentially choose one of them to have an account added to their profile. It saves you time having to create a new one from scratch. Ensure they are listed as "Contractor Web" User Type
  5. For brand new portal user in this instance select "add as new".
  6. Enter in the required Name and Email address.
  7. Tick the items you wish this user to have permissions for in the Portal and in the Contractor "Concoweb" space. Permission details and user rights can be found on the Glossary page. Currently Mobile App access is NOT configured for Contractors. Disregard that section of the user rights.
  8. Click Save when done and an email will be sent to that user informing them of their access they now have.

User Guide for Company Registration
Company Registration.pdf

User Guide for Updating Company Insurances and documents

Updating Company Insurances and Documents.pdf

User Guide for Managing Workers and Inductions
Worker Registration and Induction Bookings.pdf

User Guide for Updating Worker Subscription and Documents
Renewing Worker Subscriptions and Documentation.pdf

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