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The Contractor Roles Portal, is our updated Portal for managing your employees, their roles and competencies, for a particular client, but is focused at the Contractor Level
The portals that are currently active, are found in the Pegasus Gateway with their own tiles (e.g. BHP, Yancoal, Lendlease) and their tile can be added and linked to your Onsite Track Easy login for management
The portal is designed for a clean, easy to use and streamlined interface.
With alerts, colour-coded status of people, roles and competencies; and relatable icons for reference, we believe this makes the portal easy to find what needs your attention quicker.

Below is a video guide to using the portal, some of the more common steps contractors will see, and actions you might need to process.

NOTE: Client administrators (i.e. site or realm administrators) have access in the portal to view your contractors companies' employees, as well as your own.
Note: as of 20th December 2020, some Portals require you to add a site first, before you can add any Roles. Once you add the Site your employees will work at, they might then be automatically assigned Roles.

Contractor Roles Portal User Guide

Roles Portal - Worker Full User Guide.pdf - Updated 6th January 2020. Details Worker Registration, Adding Sites, Adding Roles, Shopping Cart Payments, Pending Actions, Renewing Expiring Documents

Ending Employment

If you wish to end employment for an employee, this can now be done in and V3 Roles Portal.

User Guide - Ending Employment in V3 Portal.pdf

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Note: This Document is not version controlled when printed.

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