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Roles Portal

The Roles Portal (also called Worker Portal) is where Pegasus clients have contractors manage their employees, roles and competencies to work on their behalf.
Active portals are found in Pegasus Gateway and added by clicking a client logo tile. Tiles are linked to your Pegasus account for simple login.
For simple use, the Roles Portal has alerts, colour-coded status of workers, roles and competencies and icons for reference.
Below are video and PDF guides for using the Roles Portal.

NOTE: Client administrators (i.e. site or realm administrators) have access to view your own employees and the employees of your contractors.
Before role selection, some Roles Portals will prompt you to first choose the site your worker will access, displaying only roles applicable to that site for selection. This function will also support the auto-selection of some roles as a site is chosen.

Contractor Roles Portal Video User Guide 

If you prefer to read about the using the Roles Portal and its features, we have a user manual.
Roles Portal - Worker Full User Guide.pdf - Updated 6th January 2020. Details Worker Registration, Adding Sites, Adding Roles, Shopping Cart Payments, Pending Actions, Renewing Expiring Documents

Ending Employment

If you no longer wish to maintain the compliance of a worker, or they no longer work for your organisation, you can end their employment in the portal. Guide below:

User Guide - Ending Employment in V3 Portal.pdf

New Feature - Company Relationships 17th March 2020

The Company Relationships Feature is designed for our Contractor Companies to help map out relationships they have at sites with the Client and their own Sub-contractors.

Contractor Companies will be able to make the relationship connections in the Roles Portal, so that they can track the hierarchy of these relationships when viewing a company.

Company Relationships PDF User Guide

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