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Identity.Govt Licence/Authority.VISA Requirements
    • All details in Section A, B and C must be filled out as applicable. The details must match with the VEVO check.
    • 'VEVO refers to Visa Entitlement Verification Online, which is a process to check your current visa details and conditions.
    • You may be asked to provide further information including evidence of your passport if your information is not able to be matched in the VEVO system

    NOTE: if you do not upload a completed template for this competency then your ALDI Card/Role Application and Acceptance Form will be rejected.

    NOTE: Sometimes VEVO reports will not display the applicant name. In this case, either a copy of the Passport or Immicard (which shows a matching ID number to what is recorded on the VEVO document) will be required to be included within the uploaded document.

  • Expiry Date = Record this as it is shown on the VEVO report (if shown). If the visa is 'indefinite' please state this in the Visa Expiry

    NOTE: Wherever the 'period of stay' indicates 'indefinite' this means that no expiration date is required to be recorded in Onsite

    NOTE: Wherever the work entitlement field indicates the work right check is only valid for a certain length of time, this information is to be used in calculating the expiration date








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