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Plumber & Gas Fitting Drainer.Certificate IV.Plumbing and Services

  • Australian** Recognised Training Institution name must be displayed on document
  • Applicant name on certificate to match the name in the system
  • Completion date or issue date must be displayed on the certificate
  • Course title to be listed on certificate to match the nominated coding and title within Onsite
  • Document / Certificate / Number to be shown
  • No expiry
  • **Internationally issued trade certificates and Licences cannot be accepted unless accompanied by a letter from an Australian RTO recognising the qualification
  • Issue Date = Date of completion
  • Expiry Date = None
CompetencyCompetency RequirementsUpload RequirementsExamples

Plumber & Gasfitter.Licence.Plumber & Gasfitter Licence

  • Applicants name must be shown and must match applicants registered name in Onsite
  • Must not indicate there are any restrictions
  • Plumber and Gasfitter will be shown
  • Licence number should be displayed
  • Licence must be current / In date
  • Both sides of licences should be displayed within uploaded file
  • Must be issued by relevant state Government appointed authority
  •  Black and white or colour is acceptable

  •  Only licence accepted, cannot be a screen shot from the website

  • Issue Date = As displayed on evidence (if shown)
  • Expiry Date = As displayed on evidence

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