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Identity.-.Photo ID
  • Name on form of Id must match the applicants name in the system
  • Examples of accepted forms of photo ID: Drivers Licence (Australian or International), Student Card, Photo Card, Proof of Age card, Passport (Australian or International)
  • Ensure Name and DOB entered within Onsite matches details displayed on form of ID (when displayed on uploaded evidence)
  • No Issue or Expiration dates are to be recorded within Onsite

Identity.Form.100 points of Identification / SMIC Application

This business rule was last updated by Sydney Metro on 02.06.2017

Contractors may download this form HERE


Front Page:

  • This needs to be signed by the individual on the first page and dated
  • Need to complete their contact details and answer all questions.

Second page:

  • Applicants must ensure that the tick the appropriate boxes to form 100 points.
  • This form must be signed, dated and signed by both the applicant and the authorised witness


If the form that has been supplied is the new / most recent version of the 100 point ID form, the tick box section on the form for the witness declaration section must be completed by one of the following:

  • Approved TfNSW RTO Representative
  • Justice of the Peace (JP)
  • Accounting professional (CPA or equivalent)
  • Legal practitioner
  • Police employee
  • Agent of Australia Post with two or more years continuous service

A tick, circle or handwritten indication of which position / delegation the witness is in will also be required if the old / original version of the 100 point form has been complete when the date of signing by the witness is recorded as a date after 13.04.2017

If the old version of the form has been supplied and was signed off by the witness prior to 13.04.2017 (the date the new form was implemented), This form can be accepted without having the position / delegation section of the form ticked or circled



  • Date of form completion to be recorded within Onsite as the Issue date.

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