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CompetencyCompetency RequirementsUpload RequirementsExamples
Generic.Induction.White Card - Construction Induction
  • Name on card to match the applicants registered name in Onsite
  • OHS Construction Induction to be listed
  • Only the front side of this card is required to be uploaded.
  • To be issued by the relevant / matching state authority: To be issued by the relevant / matching state authority:Workcover/ Safework / Worksafe
  • No expiry
  • Black and white or colour copies accepted
  • Issue date to be recorded in Onsite as reflected on the card
First Aid.Statement of Attainment.HLTAID003- Provide first aid
  • Applicants name to be displayed on uploaded evidence and to match applicants registered name
  • Statement of Attainment (or card showing statement of attainment unit of competency) is required to be uploaded showing the relevant unit.
  • The unit of competence should show HLTAID003- Provide first aid
  • Any Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with this unit of competency on scope can issue the qualification.
  • Black and white or coloured copy of the document is accepted
  • The date of completion on the evidence should be recorded as the Issue Date in Onsite
  • Expiry date in Onsite should be recorded as the date which is calculated to be 3 years from the Date of training completion

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