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Onsite Contractor Feature Matrix

FeaturesOnsite Contractor Basic (Free)Onsite Contractor Full (Paid)Can this be scheduled?
Create a New UserN/A
Make an Existing Employee a UserN/A
Re-set Username and PasswordN/A
Search and Edit EmployeesN/A
Add personal contact, change personal contact,
add next of kin and change next of kin
View personal contactsN/A
View Employee CompetenciesN/A
View Employee Role/sN/A
View Employee Access Key/sN/A
Inactivate EmployeeN/A
Check Company ComplianceN/A
Manage Site Company RelationshipsN/A
Manage Subscription ContactN/A
Site log reportsLimitedAll employees
On site now reportLimitedAll employees
Card print report

On site hours

LimitedAll employees
Expiring competenciesLimitedAll employees
Roles report
Site report
Fatigue work timesLimited




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